The School Outreach: Buddhist Lent Candle Casting with 21,999 THB Donated to Pothi Nimitra Temple, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

As the traditional celebration of the first day of Buddhist lent approaches, the School of Pharmacy WU has continued Thai virtuous culture by organizing lent candle casting outreach at the Pothi Nimitra Temple, Nakhon Si Thammarat on 2nd July 2020 in the morning.

Our cast candles, apart from shining, also help to prevent all the monks from mosquito-borne diseases (i.e., dengue fever or malaria) during praying for Buddha. It seems magical but our mosquito-repellent candles can simply be made by adding the essential oils extracted from lemongrass, more details on this can be found in our pharmacognosy subjects if you come to study with us.

With the dedication of Dr. Chaweewan Klongsiriwet, head of pharmaceutical industry division, a donation campaign to cast the lent candles successfully received university-wide interests and could raise donation money of 29,384 THB in total. After deducting all expenses, 21,999 THB has donated to the Pothi Nimitra Temple. We are deeply thankful for everyone who donated their money or contributed fully or partly to the activity and wishes them all the best!