The President of Walailak University and the Dean of School of Health Sciences join in celebrating the 90th anniversary of Kunming Medical University (KMU) and negotiate academic cooperation

16th – 19th October 2023, Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University lead the team of deans of the School of Health Sciences, Walailak University, including Dr. Jiraporn Chingulpitak, Dean of the School of Pharmacy go to the People’s Republic of China to join in celebrating the 90th Anniversary of Kunming Medical University (KMU). This university has academic cooperation with Walailak University. In this event, a meeting was also held between the deans of the health sciences schools of the two universities. For the School of Pharmacy, we negotiated to invite a visiting professor from KMU to lecture in a seminar course for pharmacy students and at the graduate level including a co-advisor invitation for graduate students. There will also be activities to exchange information and expertise of professors from both Universities in order to develop research together. In addition, we negotiated and studied the possibility of organizing student-exchanged activities in the near future.