Research of our academic staffs, “Hydrogel from Gac extract for night skin treatment” has recently been a petty patent.

School of Pharmacy, Walailak University is proud to congratulate Dr. Thipaphan Plyduang and Assistant Professor Dr. Namfah Sermkaew, Division of Industrial Pharmacy, on their research output on “Hydrogel from Gac extract for night skin treatment”, which has yielded a petty patent. In addition to this, the research has recently been accepted for publication on Scopus Q2 journal

This invention involved the new formulation of a nourishing hydrogel containing Gac extract for night skin treatment. Gac extract was obtained by soaking and fermenting the dried Gac fruit aril. Laboratory tests confirmed there was no irritation or allergic reactions caused by this newly formulated hydrogel. This gel also helps to moisturize and whiten the skin: lower the chance of skin being wrinkled.

Please contact Dr. Thipaphan Plyduang, School of Pharmacy, Walailak University directly or contact Walailak University Science and Technology Park for more details or commercialization.

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