ASEM Work Placement Program Year 2021 is now accepting applications!

Are you interested in a scholarship for work placement in Belgium and Germany? The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation, Thailand (OPS) is now accepting applications from Thai students (at least 3rd-year undergrad and postgrad students) who are studying at the institutions under OPS. This scholarship scheme highlights the cross-cultural differences between Europe and Asia and aims to promote both the knowledge and cultural exchanges of the two continents.

Click the link below for more details:
https: //

Please send all the documents to the Office of the Permanent Secretary of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation by post (the deadline is January 29, 2021).

1. Thai nationality
2. Undergrads (at least 3rd year) with a minimal GPAX of 2.5 or Master Students with a minimal GPAX of 3.0
3. Good communication skills in English (see the above link for language skill requirements)
4. Be a problem-solving, flexible, and public-minded person
5. Be able to participate in the program during the set schedule and to abide by the rules and regulations

WPP 2021 – Work Placement Evaluation

WPP 2021 – Student Report

WPP 2021 – Student Application form

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1 implement Guideline_WPP2021_TH

WPP 2021 – InternshipAgreement