Extracurricular Activity Research of Pharmacy students, WU Published and Patented

Extracurricular Activity Research Published and Patented: green chemistry extraction method using vegetable oils to prepare the chlorophyll-free herbal extract. Done by Mr.Attapol Sakdamas and Mr. Nartapol Taluengjit under the supervision of Dr.Gorawit Yoosakul and Miss Suphaluk Phaisal in the collaboration with Professor Dr.Waraporn  Putalun (Khonkaen University) and Assoc. Prof. Seiichi Sakamoto (Kyushu University, Japan).

Results from the work which was out of the classroom research of Pharmacy students, School of Pharmacy, Walailak University in the topic “Using vegetable oils to remove chlorophylls from the herbal extracts”. This research work was done by Mr.Attapol Sakdamas and Mr.Nartapol Taluengjit under conducting by Dr.Gorwawit Yoosakul and Miss Suphalik Phaisal and under supervised by Professor Dr.Waraporn Pootalun and Associate Professor Dr, Seiichi Sakamoto. This research team innovated how to prepare the colorless extract of Chromolaena odorata (leaf) for pharmaceutical industrial with wound healing and antioxidation properties. The vegetable oils were applied for removing the chlorophylls from the extractive which was safe than organic solvents. From this knowledge, we can apply in the pharmaceutical industry and also in pharmaceutical education. The School of Pharmacy, Walailak University would say congratulations to this team which the results of these plenty of work were published in the International Journal on SCOPUS database (Q3).

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