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Doctor of Pharmacy


The program aims to produce quality pharmaceutical professionals who are aware of the attitudes and ethics of the profession. Teaching focuses on a learner-centered approach, promoting and developing the skills critical to the professsion. Providing health care skills, using the community as a learning and research base to integrate knowledge and local wisdom with research from current health technologies. The program aims to promote a multi-professional healthcare mindset to students for the benefit of the recipients of health services.

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

1. They have a ethical and good attitude towards the role and value of pharmacy
2. They have a cognitive of pharmacy, work system as well as on to process of quality devolopment. The management comprehensive from planning, action, verification, following and modification base on standard evidence base.
3. They have the skills and experience to pharmacy training according to good approach as well as multiprofessional healthcare teamwork.
4. They have system thinking and can analyze factors and causes of the risk, incidence and problem as well as manage appropriately.
5. They have a cognitive about association of pharmaceutical systems and heath system, law and regularity.
6. Consideration of patient rights including the key principle of health system example health promotion, consumer protection, principle of product liability and compensation for harm from product and service.
7.They can applicate and integrate knowledge.”

Career path

1. A pharmacist of the government example hospital, drug store and pharmaceutical industry of public health ( example Department of Medical Sciences, Department of Medical Services, Department of Disease Control, Food and Drug Administration and Government Pharmaceutical Organization ) Office of the Consumer Protection Board and Department of Thai Traditional Medicine.
2. A pharmacist of private agencies example hospital, drug store, pharmaceutical companies in the country, Foreign drug companies, pharmaceutical industry and drugs, biomaterials, health products, cosmetics registration
3. Researcher of the government example university, Research Institute, Research and Development Institute, Research Center
4. Researcher of private agencies example university, Research Institute, Research and Development Institute, Clinical Research Center, Research and Laboratory of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Center, pharmaceutical companies in the country, Foreign drug companies
5. Professor in educational institution of the government and private agencies in the country and foreign country
6. Other position that reponsible of drug quality control, drug quanlity assurance, laboratory quanlity assurance, clinical research quanlity assurance, business development of pharmaceutical in country for export, business development of cosmetics and health products in country for export. Analysis of cost and investment of pharmaceutical business in the country and foreign country, management of economic and cost effectiveness of pharmaceutical business in the country and foreign country, Marketing Pharmacist

Study path

Can continue their education at the Doctor of pharmacy and other fields in all educational institutions both domestic and foreign.



Study fees 30,000 .- baht per term.
Course fees 540,000.- baht per year.


Program structure
Total number of units throughout the course of at least 78 units of study
1. General Education 10 unit
Language subject (English and Thai) 4 unit
Social and Humanities 3 unit
Sport and Leisure 0.5 unit
Science and Mathemetic 1 unit
Information technology 1.5 unit
2. Specialized Education 66 unit of study
General subjects 15.5 unit
1. General science 8 unit
2. General profession 7.5 unit
Profession subjects 29 unit
1. Pharmaceutical science
11 unit
2. Pharmaceutical care
11.5 unit
3. Social and Administrative Pharmacy
5.5 unit
4. Special projects
1 unit
profession elective subject 9 unit
pharmacy training subject 12.5 unit
3. Elective subject at least 2 unit of study