School of Pharmacy WU met with students this semester by organizing sport competitions “SPY Game 2020”

November 11, 2020: School of Pharmacy WU together with the Student Union organized SPY Game 2020 as an avenue for faculty members and students to meet with each other in a more friendly and cozy atmosphere for the semester 2/2020. A variety of fun sports competitions were arranged including futsal, “Superman” running race, tug of war, and speed-eating where staff and students were divided into Yellow and Blue teams with pretty T-shirts. This SPY Game 2020 aimed to encourage a good and closer relationship between staff and students as well as to promote good health and harmony. The Game was grandly opened by student parades from both Yellow and Blue teams followed by the Dean (Dr.Jiraporn Chingunpitak) kicking a soccer ball into the goal. According to the Dean’s speech, the school is willing to organize such fun activities for the school meeting in the next academic year.

By relying on a team strategy, strength, and teamwork, Blue could beat Yellow with 4-0 in futsal as well as the other competitions including musical chairs and “Superman” running race whereas Blue was beaten by Yellow in the parade, speed eating, and tug of war.

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